Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Healthy skin for Spring

Spring is here so you know what that means? Summer is right around the corner, which means it is time to get your skin looking its best for bikini season! I know I know, bikini season, everyone dreads that time of the year! But I can help! I will spotlight 3 of my favorite picks to get your skin healthy and glowing.

Lets talk about the bikini area. If you are prone to razor bumps this is a MUST have! The Bikini Duo is a 2 step system to banish those embarassing bumps forever! First apply the Bikini Scrub to exfoliate the skin and prepare the area for a close shave. Step 2, use the Bikini Shave Cream just as you would any other shaving cream, apply then shave for the closest shave with NO razor bumps! You can find this product under the Skincare tab in the online catalog

Cellulite......BLAH! There is no miracle product out there that will remove cellulite unfortunalty, BUT our cellulite scrub really does help to diminish the apperance of it! It is packed with 9 essential oils that stimulate circulation. Also baha sand is added for an exfoliant to remove dead skin which will reveal healthy beautiful skin. Try this scrub, I bet you will LOVE it! Find it under the aromatherapy tab in the online catalog

Okay so you have exfoliated and now you need to moisturize. Our Sun Glitzed is soooo amazing! It is like a liquid bronzer for your body! Apply to your legs for a beautiful bronzed glow! It makes your legs look amazing!!! I absolutley love this product! Find it under the skincare tab of the online catalog


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