Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angel Of Hope

Pink papaya is making a difference and you can help! We are trying to reach a goal of selling just 14 of our Angel of Hope pins a day for February so we can meet our goal and get our Solar oven project going. So what is a solar oven project exactly?

Pink Papaya is proud to launch the first solar oven project for The Girls Empowerment Village in Zimbabwe. The village oven will allow the girls to stay inside their village and cook hundreds of loaves of bread each day,and boil or steam other foods. Additionaly 1 village oven saves 150 tons of wood annually and reduces 277 tons of green house emissions.

So how can you help? You can purchase this Angel of Hope pin for only $5.00 and wear it with pride knowing you helped make a difference!
You can order online 24/7 on my pink papaya website
THank you in advance !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pink Papaya Gives Back!

Thats right! Pink Papaya has now introduced an amazing Philanthropy project where $2.00 of every monthly special purchased goes to one of our charities! This is so exciting for such a wonderful company!

Wanna help out? Simply go to Take a look at the wonderful specials and you can order right there on my secure website! products are all natural and botanically based and they ship right to you! What more could you ask for?

Thanks in advance to all my supportive readers!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Get Ready for July!

Get ready for our July specials!! They are going to be HOT and available for ordering on July 1st!! Here is a preview of what will be offered! Dont delay, order them today! Click HERE to view all products and specials

Pretty Feet~
Pamper your tootsies by applying our amazing Sweet Almond Oil Foot Creme, then use the included pink booties to place on feet after foot creme application for the softest feet ever!!! $21.00

Sensual Nights~
Our massage oil is amazing! Non greasy, and wont stain clothing. Use it as a superb moisturizer for a wonderful experience, or apply a capful in a warm bath and moisturize while you soak! Use the included Green Jade Roller to ease tension and massage away stress! THe jade roller is also nice chilled in the fridge, and rolled on temples for migraines. $21.50

Silky and Shimmery Legs~
Exfoliate away dead skin cells with our creamy, fluffy tangerine body smoothing scrub. This scrub can be used shoulders down in the shower. Place a small amount of our Sun GLitz leg Glitz for a nice bronzed shimmer effect! $21.00


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Healthy skin for Spring

Spring is here so you know what that means? Summer is right around the corner, which means it is time to get your skin looking its best for bikini season! I know I know, bikini season, everyone dreads that time of the year! But I can help! I will spotlight 3 of my favorite picks to get your skin healthy and glowing.

Lets talk about the bikini area. If you are prone to razor bumps this is a MUST have! The Bikini Duo is a 2 step system to banish those embarassing bumps forever! First apply the Bikini Scrub to exfoliate the skin and prepare the area for a close shave. Step 2, use the Bikini Shave Cream just as you would any other shaving cream, apply then shave for the closest shave with NO razor bumps! You can find this product under the Skincare tab in the online catalog

Cellulite......BLAH! There is no miracle product out there that will remove cellulite unfortunalty, BUT our cellulite scrub really does help to diminish the apperance of it! It is packed with 9 essential oils that stimulate circulation. Also baha sand is added for an exfoliant to remove dead skin which will reveal healthy beautiful skin. Try this scrub, I bet you will LOVE it! Find it under the aromatherapy tab in the online catalog

Okay so you have exfoliated and now you need to moisturize. Our Sun Glitzed is soooo amazing! It is like a liquid bronzer for your body! Apply to your legs for a beautiful bronzed glow! It makes your legs look amazing!!! I absolutley love this product! Find it under the skincare tab of the online catalog

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pink Papaya ~ Color

Have you tried our amazing line of cosmetics??? Why not? They are fabulous! We offer paraben free mineral cosmetics, and a line of professional cosmetics!
My top 5 faves~

I love, love, love all of the polychromatic eye shadows! They are so sparkly and beautiful! These are part of the professional line which is non mineral.

Liquid Lustre Lip Gloss in Pink Kisses ~ Can I just say that this gloss is AMAZING! I wear it everyday, and everyday I get compliments on this gloss!!!
Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 8 ~ The coverage is amazing for a powder form of foundation, and the SPF is such a need with the harmful UVA rays. I love this powder!
Luxe Creme Liner ~ I would have to say my favorite color in this amazing liner is Glacier! It is a irridescent blue that really looks great on brown eyes.
Pore Perfecting face primer ~ Oh the way this makes your makeup last! Really a great product! You use this as a primer before you apply your makeup and the finish is so nice and matte. It really does make a huge difference!

Please take a look at these and all of our other amazing product lines at

Monday, March 30, 2009

My favorites

With Spring here now we really need to think about getting our skin in the best condition for swimsuit season. I know, I know BLAH swimsuit season!!!! I feel the same way! Well I am here to help with that, and I am going to share a few of the awesome Pink Papaya products that will do just that!

~Bikini Shave Scrub and Bikini Shave Creme~

It is so embarassing when you shave for that itty bitty bikini and then get those awful razor bumps.......Psssst......I have a solution for just that! This is a simple 2 step system. First you will exfoliate with our Bikini Shave Scrub, and what this is going to do is prepare the area for a nice close shave by removing dead skin cells. Second, you will shave with the Bikini Shave Creme and wa la! You are done! Now tell me that is not easy! (These products are located in the skincare section)

~Cellulite Scrub Infused with Botanical Extracts~
Yep, I said that awful word that women hate!!! Cellulite. While there is no absolute cure for cellulite, you can help to reduce the apperance and smooth your skin. Our cellulite scrub is an all around good for you scrub! It is infued with 9 botanical extracts that promote healthy skin, promote circulation that also helps smooth cellulite, and even helps with depression. The smell is amazingly invigorating, and is sure to help get you going in the morning. Baha sand is the exfoliant, and this scrub even has amazing foaming action! Find it under aromatherapy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink Papaya Best Sellers

I would like to share with you some of the amazing Pink Papaya best sellers! These products continue to be the top sellers and are just amazing! Sit back, relax, and read on.

~Cranberry Orange Hand Scrub~

Did you know that people can tell your age by looking at your hands? Its true! So why not take care of your hands and fool them! Our cranberry orange hand scrub not only removes dead skin cells to reveal a "new" glowing look, but the smell is to die for!!! This is a sugar scrub, so if there happens to be a cut on your hand this scrub will not burn it. Cranberry seeds are added for extra exfoliation! $22.50

~Shea Butter Hand Cream~
This hand cream is packed with shea butter for extreme moisture! Look no further for that perfect hand cream! This is also a great 2nd step for the cranberry orange hand scrub! I keep my shea butter hand cream on my nightstand and apply nightly, and my hands have never been so soft. Simply an amazing product! $25.00