Monday, March 30, 2009

My favorites

With Spring here now we really need to think about getting our skin in the best condition for swimsuit season. I know, I know BLAH swimsuit season!!!! I feel the same way! Well I am here to help with that, and I am going to share a few of the awesome Pink Papaya products that will do just that!

~Bikini Shave Scrub and Bikini Shave Creme~

It is so embarassing when you shave for that itty bitty bikini and then get those awful razor bumps.......Psssst......I have a solution for just that! This is a simple 2 step system. First you will exfoliate with our Bikini Shave Scrub, and what this is going to do is prepare the area for a nice close shave by removing dead skin cells. Second, you will shave with the Bikini Shave Creme and wa la! You are done! Now tell me that is not easy! (These products are located in the skincare section)

~Cellulite Scrub Infused with Botanical Extracts~
Yep, I said that awful word that women hate!!! Cellulite. While there is no absolute cure for cellulite, you can help to reduce the apperance and smooth your skin. Our cellulite scrub is an all around good for you scrub! It is infued with 9 botanical extracts that promote healthy skin, promote circulation that also helps smooth cellulite, and even helps with depression. The smell is amazingly invigorating, and is sure to help get you going in the morning. Baha sand is the exfoliant, and this scrub even has amazing foaming action! Find it under aromatherapy.