Friday, September 19, 2008


Do you network? Where do you do your networking? I have found that the internet is my best source for networking. I am on Twitter, Cafemom, Myspace, and I also have created a wonderful group called Unique Women In Business, and I cannot beleive the fabulous ladies that I have in my group! They are so amazing! I have found that I have made friendships with these girls that are non replacable. Not only that but I have learned alot from them on networking sites, how to get more sales, etc. We have all types of businesses from Etsy, to direct sales companies. If you have a unique businesses come and check us out at Join us! We welcome new members with open arms! Or even if you dont own a business but love to shop unique things, you can join us as a shopper and take advantage of our great specials we all offer each month. So in the end, to run a successful business, there has to be networking and for me I have found the above sites to be VERY helpfull in growing my pink papaya team and getting customers. Please let me know how you have grown your business!


Astrid Nicole Etcetera said...

I am always looking for new ways to network. Problem is, there are so many wonderful groups and ways to network on the 'net, I need to really plan my day in order to leave time to design and create the Astrid Nicole Etcetera fashions AND meet and greet prospective buyers.

I currently am on Twitter, we have our own website and we blog right here on Blogger. Etsy provides several fabulous marketing tools as well!

PinkPapayaSpaHawaii said...

I'm a new Pink Papaya Consultant in Hawaii and I found your blog just a little while ago. I love the idea of networking on the internet and have several sites of my own: BEBO, Facebook, and blogspot. The first two are personal sites that I have a Pink Papaya section on each and soon, I hope to do ones specifically for Pink Papaya.
We're still very new here, only my sister and I are reps. We are excited and working hard to grow Pink Papaya teams here. :) Thanks for the great advice on your blog!

Bobbi said...

Hey Erin. Thanks for the invite.