Sunday, August 24, 2008

Massage oil infused with essential oils

Not only is our massage oil a moisturizing, non greasy, massage oil, it can also be used as a moisturizing bath oil, or a moisturizing after shower moisture treatment for severly dry skin! To use in tub simply add a capful to a warm bath and relax!
To use as after shower moisture treatment, pat dry skin and apply just as you would a lotion!
The following ingredients make this massage oil SIMPLY THE BEST!
Golden jojoba oil-is one of the easiest absorbed vegetable oils by the body! It is the number one choice for rapid absorbtion of essential oils into the bloodstream via the skin.
Sesame seed oil- is a wonderful healing oil. It keeps the skin soft and supple and also tightens the skin.
Evening primrose oil- preserves the skins elasticity, and prevents wrinkle formation.
Vitamin E- soothes and protects the skin, and nuetralizes free radicals that formed by exposure to sun and pollution.
Key Benefits-
Helps loosen the tension of aching muscles
A great moisturizing aromatic bath oil
Hydrates skin while leaving it soft and supple
Improves the apprerance of dry, dull skin
4oz glass bottle $14.50