Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aromatherapy Body Wash

Gently cleanse your skin with a light lather of your favorite aromatic scent! Our body wash is gentle enough to use everday even for the most sensative skin! The following ingridients make this body wash a MUST have!
Aloe Vera- promotes moiture and repaires the skin
Vitamin E-soothes and protects, neutralizes harmful free radicals that are formed by exposure to sun and pollutants.
Infused with essential oils! And available in the following aromatic scents:
Lavender Sweet orange-lavender, sweet orange, and lemon essential oils Make this a relaxing and calming scent.
Vanilla Sandalwood- sandalwood and bergamot essential oils and black tea extract make up this soothing and sensual scent.
Grapefruit Bergamot- grapefruit, orange, bergamot, sage, spearmint, and rosewood essential oils make this and uplifting energizing scent.
Key Benefits
Gently cleanses the skin with a light lather that is full of fragrance.
Prevents dryness
Protects the skin.
6oz $16.00