Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Himilayan Sea Salt Bath Soak

Our Himilayan Sea Salts contain 84 minerals that are essential to human life! These salts work through reverse osmosis right in your bath water! Soak away the stress of the day and release toxins, restore energy levels, and balance the ph factor of your skin. The essential minerals are absorbed through the skin reducing the acidity in your body therfore balancing the ph factor! WOW! These salts are absolutley AMAZING! Here are some amazing benefits
~Ideal for people who are overworked and over stressted. (man I need to soak in these more often!)
~Safe for all skin types
~Ideal to detoxify tired and dull skin
~Great for those with joint, rheumatic, and sciatic pain.
~Improves the discomfort of skin conditions resulting from psoriasis or other skin irritations.
Choose from our aromatic scents of
Lavender sweet orange for a relaxing expirience
Grapefruit bergamot for an uplifting bath
Vanilla sandalwood for a sensual soothing bath
17oz glass bottle $25.00