Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cellulite Scrub Infused with Essential oils

This is my favorite product that I just cant live without! This scrub works in so many ways! It is packed with 9 essential oils that help fight cellulite, provides an uplifting shower, exfoliates the skin, and has some major foaming action!!
Primary Cellulite fighting ingriedients
Gota Kola Extract~Promotes circulation and sereves as an anti-cellulite fighting ingridient.
Horse Chestnut Extract~Stimulates circulation and helps reduce the apperance of capillaries on the surface of the skin.
Caffiene~smoothes the apperance of dimpled skin
Walnut Shells and baha sand~sereve as an excellent exfoliant!
Our Unique Blend of essential oils :
wild geranium helps with mood swings and is uplifting, far west spearmint is refreshing, chineese ginger combats depression, ylang ylang is relaxing, indian peppermint refreshing, patchouli stimulates romantic feelings, petitgrain is invigoration, and pink grapefruit is refreshing and makes you feel younger!
What are you waiting for? Try this sceub today! You will NOT be disapointed!
9.5 oz $52.00 includes bamboo scoop, and ayate cloth