Monday, August 18, 2008

Foot Creme With Sweet Almond Oil

I will be adding a new product each day and telling you all of its wonderful benefits! Here is the first!
Foot Creme with Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent emollien, softening and soothing, it helps balance the skins moisture content, retaining moisture where moisture is needed!
Aloe Vera is added also! Aloe vera contains over 100 healing compounds that soothe, soften, heal, and moisturize!
Bilberry, yucca and meadowsweet extract blend. Bilberry is an anti-oxidant, yucca has anti-inflammatory benefits and meadowsweet is great for cleaning and toning.
Key Benefits you will notice in just a couple days
~Keeps feet amazingly hydrated.
~Banishes calloused and rough skin.
~See and feel the difference!
Use our foot creme daily, for beautiful feet!
Safe for all skin types
Try it today! Glass bottle-$22.00 Soft touch Squeeze Bottle-$17.00